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  Song List
1.  Other Guy's Girls
2.  Calamity Jane
3.  Love Can Keep Us Together
4.  So Fragile
5.  Cedar Lane
6.  I'll Thank You Someday
7.  Power, Sex and Money
8.  Gypsy Soul
9.  Too Far Gone
10. Trouble I Don't Need
11. That Was Then
12. Looking For Jesus Again
13. Kiss

Till We Meet Again (1st verse)
By Raymond B. Egan & Richard A. Whiting
© copyright 1918 published by Remick Music Corp. (ASCAP)

Smile the while I kiss you sad adieu
When the clouds roll by, I'll come to you
Then the skies will seem more blue
Down in lover's land, my dearie

Other Guy's Girls
Other guy's girls always look so happy
Other guy's girls look satisfied
I see them smiling, I see them laughing
Other guy's girls make me wanna cry
Other guy's girls never have a problem
Other guy's girls look so serene
I see them walkiing down the street like they're in heaven
Other guy's girls make me wanna scream
Is it you? Is it me?
Is it just that we're just not meant to be?
I can't live without this, can't live with this
There must be an answer, but I don't know what it is...
Other guy's girls got some kind of secret
I see it on their faces as they pass me by
Come on, you can tell me, honey, I know how to keep it
But other guy's girls just don't have the time
And other guys girls never have to ask themselves
Why, why, why do I put up with this?
I guess I must be into challenges, or secretly I wanna be in a
soap opera, I don't know, there must be something
 in one of those books about people like us
Is it you? Is it me? Is it us? Come, on, tell me --
Are we on different planets? Are we on LSD?
Is love a federal prison? Is love an institution?
There must be a solution but I don't know what it is.....
I see 'em on the street, see 'em in the park,
See 'em promenading in the shopping malls,
A little too neat, a little too sparky,
They look like a squadron of Barbie dolls, those
Other guys' girls
Other guy's girls, they're practically ecstatic
Other guy's girls, yeah, they look so cute
Other guy's girls always smilin', always laughin'
Other guy's girls make me wanna puke

Calamity Jane
Once I had me a wife, mighta fell short of love
But we had us a life, I was happy enough
In a comfortable world, mighta seemed a little tame
Then along came a girl called Calamity Jane
Three beautiful children, they depended on me
Boys five and seven, baby girl only three
But she rushed through my blood like a hit of cocaine
And I left my family for Calamity Jane
CH: Come away, come away, she called to me
Come away, come away
In the twilight grey, in a reverie
Her impossible love seemed to set me free
She was gentle as an angel, she was cruel as a queen
I was helpless as a baby, I was lost in a dream
Of course she vanished as sudden as she came
God, pity the damage of Calamity Jane
I'm bereft and bewildered, I'm a wretched man
But here's the strange thing I'll never understand
Even after the disaster, the passion and the pain,
I can't remember what she looks like, my Calamity Jane

Love Can Bring Us Together Again
Trapped here inside of my own point of view,
Been feeling as cold as December
Somewhere you're out there in your winter, too,
Too frozen for even a gesture
Walking away, I know I know it was my worst mistake
How can I reach you? What would it take . . . so that
Love can bring us together again
Love can bring us together again
Love can do it when nothing else can
Love can bring us together again
The answer's so simple and close to the heart
If only we'd learn to remember
Why do we let pride keep us apart
Just when we need to surrender
Lost and alone, I know I know we're longing to be found
Only one power can bring us around . . . I know that
I don't know how we wandered off the track
I don't know why we cause each other pain
I don't know how we'll find our way back
I only know the thing I keep sayin . . . I know that

So Fragile
(verse 1)
You're breathing easy now,
Like a peaceful child
I'd paint you if I could,
Looks like you'll sleep there for a while
I put my raincoat on,
Thinking round and round
Then I turn off your light
And head back downtown
All in a moment, all in a moment, falling fast
All in a moment, all in a moment, all in a flash
You shattered my past, I can't go back
I can only act out a part now
You shattered my past, it's broken glass
Never knew it was so fragile
(verse 2)
I take a taxi home
Roll the windows down
And hope the rain will carry away
All the words I don't want to say
'Cause time is turning now,
Turning round and round
And my world, once safe and sound
Lies in pieces on the ground
And time is turning and turning round and round
Dust to dust, back to the ground we go
So fragile

Cedar Lane
I come from a town twelve miles from the city, call it
Anytown, USA
We had a two-story house on a half-acre lot
With a yard where the kids could play,
A dog and a toad and a parakeet
And a dad who rode the commuter train
Twice every day, five days a week
Back on Cedar Lane
With the brains of a child and the blood of a rebel
I stormed right through those times
I was reading Alan Ginsberg
I was drinking Boones Farm Wine
And I scorned all the fools who would never break free,
Those Readers Digest bourgeoisie
I saw through them, and they'd never see me
Back on Cedar Lane
Where the hedges grow in a nice neat row
The postmen always wave hello
And everybody knows the paper boy's name
Back on Cedar Lane
So I hitched to the Coast, I got a tatoo
To remind me I was gonna change
Then I lost myself, then I found myself,
Then I lost myself again
In the basement rooms of the hip saloons,
I was dangerous, I was full of pain,
I was far from the Sunday afternoons
Back on Cedar Lane
Where the streets are safe even after dark
And every car has a place to park
And every lawn is well-maintained
Back on Cedar Lane
I don't know exactly when it happened
I don't know who's to blame
Was it shortly after the wedding?
Was it just before the children came?
You know, kids need a yard they can play in
It's just a mile from the house to the train
Next thing you know, I woke up one day.............
And I was back on Cedar Lane
Where the cars don't drive above 15
And young love blooms at the Dairy Queen
And daisies peak through the window pane
Back on Cedar Lane
Back on Cedar Lane
I'm kind 'a happy here on Cedar Lane......
I mean, what's so great about pain, anyway? I think it's over-rated...
It's not actually that far from the city......
What is it? Like 20, 30, tops 35 minutes..... without traffic.......
I still get my hair cut in the city.....
And all my clothes, of course......
But there is this new Calvin Klein outlet that just opened at the mall....
Not that I go there myself......
Unless they're having a really amazing sale.....
I'm back on Cedar Lane
Back on Cedar Lane
Back on Cedar Lane

I'll Thank You Someday
I'll thank you someday
That's what I try to believe
When all the tears fade away
When all the memories leave
So, now you found somebody to satisfy you
In some magical way I never quite could do
As for me, I'll be okay -
Might even thank you someday
I'll thank you someday
I don't know how, where or when
Maybe years will pass away
Before you see me again
Lookin' better than breakfast, hotter than sin
I'll say, "honey, you were right, you know, it never could have been,
We're happier this way" ...
I'm gonna thank you someday
But in the meantime, nights are so long
I just dream I'm sleeping in your arms
Sometimes I wonder, how can I go on
Living on the moon, living without you
I couldn't walk away
Though my heart always knew
You'd never really love me while I loved you so much
And there'd always be something that was never good enough
But don't think twice, - it's okay
I'm gonna thank you someday
In time I'll find my way
And then I'll thank you someday

Power, Sex & Money
I'd like to go to heaven when I grow up
Way beyond the clouds where it's always sunny
'Cause I'm really so good, it's just the neighborhood --
Everybody's runnin' after power, sex and money
Running, running, running after power, sex and money
I've heard it's true, there's a chosen few
Who find splendor in the grass & glory in the flower
I'll be one of them, too -- just as soon as I'm through
Accumulating money, sex & power
I'm ruminating 'bout money, sex & power
The more I want the less I've got
It's a circle game, it's a devil's knot
They always look so happy in the magazines --
Those Marlboro men and Maybelline queens
Angels up above, are you watching me?
From where you sit, I must look pretty funny,
All tangled up in vanity
Dazzled by power, sex and money
What's so great about power, sex and money?
I'm so tired of trying to compete
And even when I win, I still feel incomplete
Like a roller coaster junkie on a carnival ride
Circling around, high off the ground,
Doomed to go down unsatisfied
I dreamed last night I ran away
Far from the city, clear out of the country
When I got there, not one damn thing had changed
Just foreign variations on power sex and money
China guys chasing after power sex & money
Hungarians hungry for power sex & money
Calcuttians calculating . . .
Scottsmen scheming . . .
Salvadorians salivating . . .
Californians dreaming . . .

Gypsy Soul
Last night, the ocean crashed against the rocks and
 tossed the boats around the harbour
Tonight the wind is quiet,
and moonbeams float like silk upon the water
But the stillness that's surrounding me only makes
 this restlessness grow stronger
'Cause God gave me a gypsy soul, then sent me
 down below him just to wander
I yi yi yi, the fire's burning bright
We dance around the flames,
how we burn and dare the dawn to come
I yi yi yi, till the morning light
I'll shake away the sleep and I'll be gone before the sun,
Some nights the fire of your memory chases off the
 chill of the chasm
Your dark eyes flash like beacons,
beckoning me deep down through the fathoms
And why I couldn't stay is one more mystery
 for my wayward heart to ponder
But God gave me a gypsy soul,
then sent me down below Him just to wander

Too Far Gone
I can tell that somewhere, there's someone you love more than me
Someone you love more than me
And it hurts me to say it, but you've got the right to be free
I know that's the way it should be
But I'm too far gone
I'm too far gone
I've loved you too much for too long
And now I'm too far gone
Now, if ever your new love should hurt you or make you feel blue
Hurt you or make you feel blue
Just remember, your old love will still be around loving you
I'll be around loving you
'Cause I'm too far gone
I'm too far gone
I've loved you too much for too long
And now I'm too far gone

Trouble I Don't Need
He walks into the room like he was born to be seen
He's got a scar over his left eye. He's a fast girl's dream
If I was watching him on TV, he'd be advertising jeans
Such fine-looking outlines behind those seams
And I'm thinking
How could this possibly proceed?
Where could this possibly lead?
What could this possibly be but trouble . . . I don't need
And just when I know I should be gettin' on home,
I hear him say,
"It near 'bout breaks my heart to see you sittin all alone"
And just when I plan to tell him I never fool around,
I hear myself say, "I'm sort of involved, but not married, you
know, not really tied down....."
I'm thinking
Who could this possibly burn?
Why can't I possibly learn?
What could this possibly be but trouble . . . I don't need
Now you know the story 'bout the apple on the tree
My life is okay, but then there's this snake talking to me
Hell, I'm just flirtin', ain't nobody gonna see
But just when I think I'm safe, he's got his hand on my leg
and my
Phone number written on the back of his wrist
He's talkin' to me so close, another inch would be a kiss
One side of my brain is contemplating the sinew of his arms
The other side is clanging like a fire alarm
And I'm thinking,
How can I possibly stay,
How can I possibly leave,
And how can I possibly turn down trouble
I don't need

That Was Then
I found a stray dog on the highway
She's lying by the stairs
Keeping one eye on the door
Like she's picturing someone who's not there
On the right kind of summer night
In the right kind of mood
When the heat's thick as honey
And the crickets sing in and out of tune
I can see you so clearly
Coming over Shadow Hill
I see your hand brush through your hair
I can feel you like a chill
But that was then and this is now
That was then and this is now
Just one of those mysteies of life
You don't know why, you don't know how
Like a river running dry
Like an old forsaken town
Once I looked at you through starry eyes
But that was then, and this is now
Well, maybe angels hover 'cause
Someone's watching over me now
Home is a safe place to be
Another life
Another destiny
But in the right kind of twilight
When sundown brings a chill
And the mist starts to rise
Up on top of Shadow Hill
I can still hear you breathing
And I tremble at the sound
So afraid I'll blow away
And be swallowed by the ground
But that was then and this is now
That was then and this is now
Just one of those mysteries of life
You don't know why, you don't know how
Like a river running dry
Like an old forsaken town
Once I
looked at you through starry eyes
But that was then and this is now
Like a book of ancient history
That was then and this is me

Looking For Jesus Again
Salvation Army Santa
Waving like he knows me
Lexington express train
Rumbling below me
The whole city's twinkling
With a thousand things to show me
It's Christmas Eve
And I'm walking the streets
Looking for Jesus again
Behold the blessed infant
In little white pajamas
Plastic sheep and camels
Porcelein Madonna
She beckons me to step into
her holy melodrama
The light from that star, - it's still shining today
You can see it up there, not so far away,
And a little beyond, I know the angels still say,
Peace on earth, good will to men
Peace on earth..........won't be long till then.........
Mistletoe down Broadway
Sleigh-boys all a-jingle.
Wasn't I a good girl?
Won't you tell Kris Kringle?
Sugar daddies, show dolls
And the homeless intermingle.

You don't have to be beautiful to turn me on
I just need your body, baby, from dusk till dawn
Don't need experience to turn me out
You just leave it all up to me, I'm gonna show you what it's all about
You don't have to be rich, I'll be your girl
Don't have to be cool to rule my world
Ain't no particular sign I'm more compatible with
I just want your extra time and your kiss
You got to not talk dirty, baby, if you wanna impress me
Can't be too flirty, daddy, I know how to undress me
You don't have to watch Dynasty to have an attitude
You just leave it all up to me, my love can be your food

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