Coming Home
(2005) "Coming Home," is Mindy's second collection of non-denominational "folk hymns" (a term Mindy coined,) that we hope will bring inspiration and comfort to all who hear it. Produced and orchestrated by Peter Link, it is flavored with musical influences from around the world. This new CD features Mindy's soulful voice, all of her instruments, songs by Mindy and lyricist Jacob Brackman, and a host of guest artists. Mindy completed her work on this CD shortly before she passed on in March, 2005. We're grateful that Mindy can live on with us in this way through her music.

Sheet Music is also available for select songs from this CD.

Blue Stories
(2001) "Blue Stories is an album of songs about people and their plights," says Mindy. "But I've tried to treat these people compassionately. I'd prefer that listening to the CD not be an experience in darkness - rather, one in a semi-pale shade of blue. Twilight blue, say, with a smattering of stars."

in His eyes
(1998) In His eyes is an inspirational collection of 16 non-denominational folk hymns. All the songs on "in His eyes" feature Mindy's expressive vocals and her command of violin, accordion, keyboard, guitar and harmonica.

Sheet Music is also available for select songs from this CD.

Cedar Lane
(1997) Cedar Lane is a broad avenue whose course provides an effortless passage from one inspired locale to another. With a keen instinct for storytelling, the songs of Cedar Lane explore the themes of home, history, love and humor in a pop/folk, worldly-wise manner. These are the songs of a woman who started out just wanting to "play with the boys - " Now the boys want to play with her.

Five Miles From Hope
(1995) "Five Miles From Hope," Mindy's debut album, was recorded near home in upstate NY, with a live band of top rock and rollers. Their driving rhythms are offset by a few sweet ballads. Guest appearances include Donald Fagen of Steely Dan, and Garth Husdon of The Band.

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