"Five Miles from Hope"


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CD: Five Miles from Hope

Jostyn went from years of performing at weddings and barrooms to playing in arenas with Billy Joel, Joe Jackson and John Mellencamp to recording her own album, "Five Miles From Hope." It features guest appearances by Donald Fagen of Steely Dan, Garth Hudson of The Band and Carly Simon.

"Five Miles From Hope" showcases Mindy Jostyn's extraordinary talents as a songwriter, vocalist and musician. With inspiriiiing songs like "Time Be on My Side," a duet with Carly Simon, and "All Roads," the gripping "Common Ground" and the delicate, touching ballad "Different Light," Mindy is sure to add many fans to her long list of admirers. Carly Simon describes Mindy; "Her personal beauty shines through in all her many skills, whether as a songwriter, a fiddle player, a guitarist, a pianist, a mandolin player, harmonica player, percussionist..and the list continues. When she beomes a household name, we will all say, 'We knew it all along.'"


Reviews: Five Miles from Hope

"She barely had both feet on stage when you could feel "the magic." I've never seen anybody light up a room as quickly as Mindy Jostyn."
-- Two River Times

"The unsuspecting crowd was blown away by a human bonfire named Mindy Jostyn-- singing large and moving beautifully, and playing brilliantly on harp, guitar and violin. Her songs range from torchy to drop dead funny."
-- Metroland

"Jostyn writes as well as Joni Mitchell and Christine Lavin, fiddles as fine as Alison Kraus, sings better than all of them, and plays strong guitar and harmonica. She's an absolute explosion of talent."
-- The Daily Gazette

"She writes rock and roll with all the various styles that have ever worked their way into rock. Mindy Jostyn works straight from the heart and soul every note of the way. Her singing and playing are so fiery and heartfelt that she seems to transcend even her own melodies. This is sparkling rock and roll-- excellent songs, and excellent sound, and something that radiates with uncommon integrity."
-- Music Quarterly Review

"A soulful, distinctive singer, as well as a great violinist and harmonica player. In other words, she has at least enough talent for three normal people."
-- Joe Jackson

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